21-day waterfast | Day 19

Last night I decided to break the waterfast earlier than planned. It’s the second night in a row that I don’t have a good night rest. Besides the fact that my stomach is starving, I feel this hunger in my throat again. I’ve had this feeling every now and then over the last two weeks, but this night I feel it all the time. This seems to be the sign of the body that it really is in need of food, before it continues to burn muscles (and eventually organs) as fuel. In this article, Dr. Joe Fuhrman elaborates on what the difference is between ‘toxic hunger’ (what you feel in your stomach) and ‘real hunger’ (what you feel in your throat).

Listening to the body

There are thoughts in my mind whether I should just keep going. I’m not sure if this s a phase I have to go through. Just like the other lows during the waterfast. Like I wrote earlier, this could be a low which I just should let passing by. But my body is very clear about what she wants. And I promised to listen to her better. The feeling that dominates in particular is that I want to take good care of myself. It doesn’t take a long time to think about whether I’m going to continue this waterfast on character until day twenty-one. What I’m learning is recognizing my boundaries and acting on them. And it’s very clear to me: this water fast has come to an end. So actually this night – even though I don’t sleep – I feel pretty happy.

On to the Ekoplaza!

The next morning I feel really tired and as a wreck. But I get on my bike with a big smile. I’m going shopping! I have studied how I want to break this fast and decided to make green juices. There is a nice slow juicer in my kitchen, so at the Ekoplaza I get all kinds of fresh organic vegetables. I can’t wait to feed my body with all these fine products! The Ekoplaza also sells organic coconut yoghurt and I bring some sauerkraut for the moment when I want to take solid food again. Some co-fasters eat nothing but watermelon for the first three days after their waterfast. I’ve decided to go with what my body is asking for.

A healing hot cup of soup

Once at home I cut the broccoli, carrots and celery into pieces, turn on the slow juicer and…the machine decides to stop after five seconds. I’m checking everything, remove the parts and place them back, but nothing is going to happen. Sure! Right now, at this bizar moment my slow juicer is giving up! Is this a sign of the universe that I have to pursue with this waterfasts on character? Hell no! I decide to see it as a sign of the universe that I have to break my waterfast in a different way than with green juices. So I grab a small pan, I cook the vegetables with a little broth and about half an hour later I sit down to eat a delicious hot soup.

Come on with the pro-biotics!

And that was very nice! Even though my stomach couldn’t handle more than ten small spoonfuls of soup, it was a wonderful sensation to ingest something other than water. The rest of the day I took some more soup, a little bit of coconut yoghurt and in the evening a small bowl of sauerkraut. Let the good bacteria feed my intestines again! The day was good, I was delighted that the struggle of not eating is now behind me and that I can slowly but surely work again on the health of my intestinal flora.

From 6 to 27 January 2020 I did a 21-day water fast. It’s my wish to recover of my eczema and fibromyalgia. This was a report from day 19. In the last blog in this series I go into more about how I continued to eat the days after my fast and what – at the moment – the effects of the water fasting on my body have been. To be continued!

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