21-day waterfast | Day 11

Today is the eleventh day of my 21-day waterfast. After this day I’m halfway and it really feels like I’m in the middle of the fast. There are still a lot of days to go and it’s funny, but that feels good too. It’s an intense process, many emotions are breaking free. I feel the urge to give my body and mind all the time they need process everything in peace. So far I don’t feel that my body is already ‘done’ processing all the toxins from my body. Therefore I would find it almost a pity when the fast would be over tomorrow.

The body seems to adapt

The night was nice. The sleep was not so deep, but compared to the first week I slept many hours. And something very nice happened! Or actually, didn’t happen 🙂 Because it was not neccesary to take a night trip to the toilet! So slowly but surely there seems to be some changing in my system. At noon I rolled out of bed calmly. The sun shone lightly through the window of my bedroom and I didn’t feel hungry. Lovely! Where I had full energy yesterday to write and work out ideas, today it’s Outlander that calles my name. So I did another mini binge-watch with Claire and James. Again, lovely.

The eczema flares up again

What feels like a setback today is that my eczema on my hands is flares up again. Yesterday the eczema seemed to go so well and that gave me a feeling of confidence in this 21-day waterfast. Tackling the eczema is one of the main reasons I do this fast and I am therefore very keen on its development. It turns out that it has quite an impact on my mood. Now that it’s getting worse today, I feel sad and almost powerless. If this is not the solution for repairing my intestinal flora and preventing my eczema, then what is?

The concerns of my loved ones

The afternoon is occupied by these kinds of thoughts. It also appears to be that my family is worried about me. They’re afraid that this waterfast is unhealthy. Something I understand, because if you don’t go through this process yourself and have to look at it from a distance, you have no idea what’s really going on. I explain to them as much as possible about what’s going on in my body and take them along in this the process. At the same time, I realize that this is really my process and that I am the one who has to take the bumps in this process.


So I take my bike out of the barn, I put it upside down in the garden and I start cleaning it. It’s lovely weather and it’s a good way to distract my mind. My body feels good, there is energy and no hunger or pains. After the clean-up I decide to go for a walk. The tendonitis on my foot hasn’t recovered yet, but slowly but surely I can walk further without pain. Eight hundred meters is the result of today!

Gratitude bubbles up

After all this I take another nap. In the beginning of the evening I spend some time on meditation and the breathing exercises of the Wim Hof Method. There’s a bit of a hunger feeling again. But that feeling has become so common that it doesn’t affect me so much anymore. After some writing in the evening, day eleven is over! I’m on my way to the last week. I keep wondering what every new day is going to bring me. In the meantime, I’m grateful. Grateful for the fact that I started this process with myself. That I have found the peace in my body and mind to take good care of myself in this way.

From 6 to 27 January 2020 I did a 21-day waterfast. It’s my wish to recover of my eczema and fibromyalgia. This was a record from day 11! Here you can read the report of day 12💧

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